Raymond F. Wakeman hails from the Free State, South Africa, and is a full-time waiter at a coffee shop. He has been reading horror for nearly a decade and just so happens to be a caffeine addict. Eventually, inevitably, he ended up writing horror stories. As a result, he is even more seldom found without a cup of coffee in his hand these days. He finds that his inspiration comes from the veiled hideousness in nature, the human condition, and those thin places in the world where things seem almost ethereal. Constantly drawing upon his own neglectful, twisted childhood and tragic life experiences, he channels his negative thoughts into stories. So much so that you would never know by seeing him on the street that he is a rather dark, shadow-obsessed and depressed young fellow.

Raymond is also an graphic designer and artist, follows tragic news stories avidly, and hopes to pursue a degree in investigative journalism one day when he has the means to do so.

Photo Credit: J.K. Descoins